2010 Stated Meeting Schedule
March 2
April 6 ("Ladies Night")
May 4 ("Victory Celebration")
June 1
July 6
August 3
September 7
October 5 (Harry E. Eakin Award)
November 2 (Victory Celebration)
December 7 (Christmas Party)



2009 Board of Directors

Andy Harris , President

Bob Lutz, Vice President
Ed Frazier, Treasurer
Charlene Burkett, Rec. Secretary
Brenda Oeffinger, Corr. Secretary
Tim Motsinger, Past President
Lisa Bentley, Board
Don Harmont, Board
Gene Konzen, Board
Dennis Papenmeier, Board
Janice McHenry Board
Tony Zishka, Board

American Legion
1926 N Georgetown Road

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About Us

The Wayne Township GOP Club is a grassroots organization. We advocate and promote the ideals of the Republican Party and limited representative government. We strive to foster patriotism and preserve conservative principals throughout Wayne Township and Indiana. Membership remains open to all registered Republicans.

The Wayne Township GOP Club possesses four key duties:

  • We promote the principles of the National Republican Party
  • We help elect Republican candidates to public office
  • We educate and inform the community about political issues
  • We provide an opportunity to make social, political, and business friends.
  • One should join our organization to remain informed, inspired, and to make a real difference in Indiana and the Nation. In a representative government, the People hold influence through numbers; our efforts resonate louder and clearer with strong membership.

We will help you become active in the political process. We assist in campaigns, make monetary contributions, register voters, and also educate in the issues. We can put you in contact with local newspapers, radio stations, candidates, and office holders. Indiana -- America -- needs you.

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Upcoming Events:

Wayne Township Breakfasts:
3rd Tues. of each month
Contact Andy Harris
Wayne Township Chairman
for more information

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